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"I believe that people over 50 can achieve a sense
of well being they never thought possible"
Fred Bicepts

If you want to discuss your fitness and lifestyle goals, call me at 315-559-1662 to arrange an at-home, no-obligation meeting. I’ll be happy to outline an exercise program that suits your current fitness level and lifestyle, and requires little or no equipment. If you already have equipment we can use that, too.

Fitness after 50 is fully covered by general and professional liability insurance.

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Fred Wilson

I’m a health and fitness speaker who helps people discover how discipline, nutrition and fitness can improve every aspect of life.
My ready-to-use techniques empower audiences of all ages. I speak
at health and professional settings because the message is universal.
My passion comes from my own dramatic life change. I used to be
overweight, depressed and going nowhere. I turned my life around
and I love telling others how I did it.

I have aches and pains just like you do. But I don’t focus on them
because I’d rather swim, ride my bicycle, or take a long walk on a
sunny day. By keeping active I can easily carry groceries, romp
with my grandchildren, and walk up stairs without running out
of breath. At age 75, I enjoy exercise more than ever before,
even though I’ve had osteoarthritis and high blood pressure
for many years.

Fitness After 50 specializes in training middle-aged and older adults
who want to improve their fitness levels. Research shows that we can
improve our fitness at any age if we train for 1 hour two to three
times a week and make informed choices in what and when we eat.
For men, resistance training can add muscle, increase strength,
and improve cardiovascular endurance. For women, resistance
training can improve muscle tone (without bulking up) as well as
increase strength and improve cardiovascular endurance.

But it’s not all about lifting weights or running on treadmills.
For an exercise program to work, it must fit YOUR life style and goals.
That’s how I can help. I’ll ask you questions, listen to your answers,
and develop a fitness program tailored to YOU.

Fred Wilson